New Project to Assess Condition of Varosha/Maras

North Cyprus News - VaroshaExperts will be invited to volunteer their services to assess the condition and potential environmental hazards of the buildings in the fenced-off town of Varosha/Maras, Foreign Minister Kudret Ozersay has said.

All properties of former owners will be assessed and those belonging to the Evkaf will be recorded, The object being to re-open the town for tourism, Ozersay said after a meeting of the Cabinet decided to green-light the project.

“The team, which will be established will include those who are active internationally as well, will be assigned with the duty of conducting a comprehensive inventory study which will include issues such as the registry of the title deeds in fenced-off Varosha, the situation of the movable and immovable properties, the determination of EVKAF property, the situation of the infrastructure and elements which bear risk from the point of view of the environment and of preparing a report for the office of the deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs.

“In the next steps, which we will take as government, we will act in such a way that the rights and interests of the old owners of Varosha and of the EVKAF administration regarding their properties will not be violated. By taking a special decision, the council of ministers will prepare the conditions for the work to be carried out in practice in order to prepare the conditions for the team, which will be established, to be able to work in Varosha, which legally has the status of a military area within the territories of the TRNC. Within this framework, a general call will be made in the next few weeks to persons who voluntarily want to contribute to the scientific work which will be undertaken. Within the next few days, we as government will exchange views on the issue with the president of the republic and the chairmen of the political parties which are represented in our assembly”.


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