New public recreation area planned around Gecitkoy dam

A new public recreation area is planned for the area surrounding the Gecitkoy dam, Transport Minister Kutlu Evren has said.

The project, to be launched in cooperation with Turkey’s Forestry Commission will benefit the general public and nature, he said.

There will be four stages – creating recreation areas, natural protection areas, wild life zones and a new forest to be planted.

The recreation zones will cover an area of 220 hectares including footpaths, playgrounds for children, restaurants, wild life observation towers etc.

Evren said that they are also considering creating a nature protection area covering 70 hectares south of the dam.

He added that in the same area they will create a field which could be used by schools, universities and scientists to carry out scientific research.

The minister said that the wild life zone will be fenced off and they may introduce Mouflons, a species of wild sheep endemic to Cyprus, into the area.

In addition, 15,000 pine trees will be planted in the area between the dam and the village. The project will be completed by 2018, he said.

Yeni Duzen

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