New re-cycling plant for Guzelyurt

German company, Xpertec Firm, is preparing to make an investment in the TRNC in order to solve the various environmental problems that exist in the North, starting with animal waste.

Apparently, Xpertec collects waste which has created huge environmental problems in other countries as well such as in Germany, Spain, France and after collection, recycles it and converts the waste into electrical power.

The project and the plans for the installations of the company have already been submitted to TRNC officials, and the company is expected to start its work in February, 2014.

Onur Ersen, one of the Turkish partners of the company has stated that the necessary geological surveys for the installation were complete, adding that their wish is to solve the environmental problems in the TRNC.

Ersen went on to say that they will take out a loan from a German state bank for the installation, which will cost 150 million dollars. Ersen stated that the installation will be built on 28 donums of land in Serhatkoy village, about 10km from Guzelyurt, providing employment for around 120 people.

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