New road numbers in ‘transport master plan’

In an attempt to bring the TRNC national road network up to international standards, its main highways will be given numbered names. The initiative is part of a TL 90 million “transport master plan.”

The new coded names will include the D25 for the Nicosia-Kyrenia road and the D10 for the northern coastal road from Karsiyaka to the Karpaz. The new numbers have just begun to appear on signs at key junctions across the country.

Ersan Saner, Transport and Public Works Minister, said that the new system would “make it easier and more practical for commuters.”

Main roads will begin with ‘D’, meaning Devlet (state). The dual-carriageway between Famagusta and Guzelyurt is the D30.

Maps have been created to show the whole road network with its new names.

Users of Satnav will have to have their maps updated.

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