New Roadmap For TRNC Economy Needed

North Cyprus News - Sunat Atun - Minister of Finance
[Sunat Atun – Former Minister of Finance]
Monday,1 August, 2022

Kib-Tek and the TRNC’s problems cannot be solved by brushing them under the carpet, UBP deputy for Famagusta Sunat Atun has said, Yeniduzen reported.

Atun, who recently resigned as the Minister of Finance said, “I have never had a personal problem or problem with anyone, any authority. My vision and mission are inconsistent with some authorities and people I live with“.

In a lengthy written statement he said, inter alia, “I immediately call for the establishment of a modern structure so that the report of the Court of Accounts is presented, the work at Kib-Tek  is carried out properly, and administrative accusations and allegations are brought to an end.

“It will not be possible to win the struggle for economic development within a hostile environment, an unproductive and visionless path”.

Atun noted that it is time for all political parties and politicians to establish a new vision and new missions for a brighter future of the country in parallel with the intense and rapid developments in the world.

Indispensable to this new vision are a healthy society structure, digitalisation, production, justice, modern participatory democracy and accountability.

 Atun said, “After I resigned from my duties as the Ministry of Finance and left, I have been amazed to read the mistaken assessments made by some people and some circles.

“... It is obvious that those who could not form a government and still cannot comprehend the truth despite the situation that the UBP and the country have been plunged into. The people and our party know the facts”, Atun said. 

No Roadmap

Stating that the country’s economy has been managed without a roadmap for a long time, Atun said, “Although the Economic and Financial Cooperation Protocols signed with Motherland Turkey are an important anchor for our country, there is a great need for a medium-term plan that has been neglected in recent years“.

Foreign  Students

Touching on the subject of higher education, Atun said, “Approximately 50,000 students from our country’s motherland Turkey and about 40,000 other students from third countries provide significant resources for our country’s economy. However, necessary arrangements should be made in our immigration law, especially for those coming from third countries, and these students should be prevented from becoming unskilled workers and illegals”, he said. 


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