New Rule Limits Number of Shoppers in Supermarkets

North Cyprus News - Supermarket - ShoppingA new regulation for supermarkets has been announced by Market Association Association President Fuat Nesip Nalcıoğlu.
All supermarkets must close at 6pm. There will be limits to the number of shoppers permitted inside depending on the size of the premises.
According to the new arrangement, supermarkets will now be open between 7am – 6pm.

1. All supermarkets must meet all the conditions proposed by the Ministry of Health to protect their customers       and employees against the coronavirus – Covid-19.
2. All supermarkets will open at 7am and close at 6pm.

3. All supermarkets are obliged to observe this new regulation,

  • Maximum 5 customers in supermarkets under 50 square meters,
  • Maximum 10 customers in supermarkets between 50-200 square meters,
  • Maximum 20 customers in supermarkets between 200-500 square meters,
  • Maximum 35 customers in supermarket between 500-1000 square meters
  • Maximum 50 customers will be admitted to supermarkets over 1000 square meters.

All supermarkets are expected to comply with this new practice and legal action will be initiated for those which do not.
Kibris Postasi

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