New Rules Announced – Crossing To South Banned – UPDATED

The Committee Communicable Diseases Supreme Committee under the Communicable Diseases Act have implemented radical decisions in the fight to stop the spread of Covid-19.

The seven-day quarantine period has been increased to 10 days, and it was decided to revise the decision regarding short term crossing to the south.

No Border Crossing To South

No one may enter North Cyprus via any crossing or external port without undergoing 10 days quarantine irrespective of their intended length of stay.

From December 15, 2020 until December 25, 2020 inclusively, crossings to the south will be prohibited. Those who reside in the northern part of Cyprus and work in the south and trade under the Green Line Regulation may not cross to work in the south from 16 December until 25 December.


Those exempted are teachers working in Pile and who do contactless trading under the Greenline Regulation. 

Live Entertainment Bans

Additionally, there will be a ban on New Year’s celebrations/entertainment being held in restaurants and hotels from December 15, 2020 to January 01, 2021 inclusive.

No New Year’s Eve parties or celebrations may be held on the street. No kind of entertainment may be held until 1 january, 2021. 

It has been decided to close taverns, bars, clubs, nightclubs and similar entertainment venues from 15 December 2020 until 25 December 2020.

Cafes And Restaurants To Remain Open

Cafes and restaurants, on the other hand, may remain open provided that they comply with the social distance and hygiene rules. In this context, it is necessary to provide the necessary seating arrangement with a table layout not exceeding six people, with a minimum of 1.5 meters between the tables and 60 cm between the chairs. Cafes and restaurants that are found not to comply with these rules will be subject to criminal action within the scope of the Infectious Diseases Law.

No live music or entertainment is permitted between those dates.

Public Transport

Measures regarding the transportation sector, which came into force after being published on 5 September 2020, have not been implemented yet. Therefore, as of December 15, 2020, buses, minibuses, taxis, etc. Vehicles conveying passengers, that is buses, minibuses, taxis etc must have a separate driver’s compartment. Criminal proceedings made against any one breaking the law in this regard.

Those who enter the country for IVF treatment will not leave the quarantine centre before completing their 10-day quarantine period. (However, it has been deemed appropriate for this rule to enter into force as of 24.12.2020 in order to complete the treatment of people who have started IVF treatment and to prevent patient victimisation.)

The Committee on Infectious Diseases will reconvene on 24 December to re-evaluate the situation.


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