New site for Silk Route Festival

The controversial Silk Route festival was originally planned to take place in the Karpaz National Park, however, a concerted effort from environmentalists managed put a stop to this.

Now a new location for the festival has been announced.

Festival organiser, Hilmi Ekrem says that the festival will be held between September 26-29 and will take place at a site in Bafra. He is however unwilling to name the precise site until final permissions have been obtained.

Mr Ekrem says that planning for the festival started in 2009 and that is when they made their first application for a site. However on learning of the potential damage to the National Park they applied for a new site.

They are now waiting for final approvals from Iskele council and feel confident that they have time to prepare for the festival.

Many famous groups and DJ’s will be attending and names will be announced as soon as final permission is obtained.

It is estimated that 80,000 people will attend the festival and this initially raised an outcry from organisations concerned that the Karpaz would be degraded environmentally. Once their cause was publicised by the media, the Environmental Protection Agency announced that the initial site was unsuitable.

In response to the new site proposal, Serife Dogayi, head of the Biologists Nature Research Association agrees. She says that the site will be suitable, because it is already allocated for tourism.


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