New TRNC citizenship law submitted to Assembly

A new citizenship law and a draft-law regarding foreigners’ work permits was submitted to the Assembly yesterday.

The aim will be for foreigners coming to the TRNC to work with a work permit not acquiring the right of taking citizenship. Those who are currently working in North Cyprus with a work permit will be granted a permanent residence permit after six years and will acquire the right to become a citizen after 15 years.

According to ‘Yeni Duzen’, the law will provide the following changes:

  • Prevention of the haphazard distribution of citizenship, upon a decision by the Council of ministers and the approval of the ministry.
  • For acquiring a citizenship via marriage, there is a condition for living together at least for three years.
  • Those born and residing in the TRNC are granted citizenship.
  • Foreigners who have come to North Cyprus before the age of seven are granted citizenship rights.
  • Foreigners who have a work permit and/or a permit to establish a business are granted a white card after six years.
  • White card holders are given the right to apply for citizenship after nine years.
  • An arrangement is made so that those who have permanent residence permit or a migration permit are granted citizenship.
  • Investors are granted citizenship based on certain criteria and with a decision by the Council of Ministers. (They should make a three million euro investment or at least 100 thousand euro donation).
  • Persons who have offered to the country “outstanding services” in scientific, technical, political and cultural fields will be granted citizenship as decided by the Assembly rather than the Council of Ministers.

Yeni Duzen

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