New Turkish Minister will Boost North Cyprus Tourism

The tourism sector in North Cyprus is reportedly very pleased with the appointment of Mehmet Ersoy as the new Turkish Minister of Tourism.

North Cyprus News - Mehmet Ersoy - Turkish Tourism MinisterErsoy is the owner of the ETS TUR which is one of the most prominent tourism companies in Turkey and he is also the owner of Maxx Royal Hotels. His twin brother Murat Ersoy is the owner of Atlasjet and the Elexus Hotel which are located Kyrenia.

According to Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Yeni Duzen’, Ersoy frequently travels to and from North Cyprus and develops the tourism sector in the TRNC, which helps the economy. He has connections and ties with North Cyprus, and tourism circles believe that his appointment will be very positive for tourism in North Cyprus.

North Cyprus News - Fikri Atatoglu - North Cyprus Tourism MinisterCommenting on Ersoy’s appointment, North Cyprus Minister of Tourism Fikri Ataoglu stated that Ersoy name is well-known in the country and this development will be very positive. Meanwhile, chairman of the Turkish Cypriot Hotel Owners Union Fethi Ozbogac, said that Ersoy is a man who has a profound knowledge of tourism and added that “it is very useful that his family owns a hotel operating in [North] Cyprus”. The chairman of the Turkish Cypriot Tourism Agencies Union Erkan Kilim, said that the success of Ersoy, who travels frequently to and from Cyprus promoting tourism, will be reflected in the country.

Yeni Duzen

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