New UN Envoy Does Not Mean New Talks: Akinci

UN Special Envoy Jane Holl Lute has been appointed to assess the potential for renewing the Cyprus talks, President Mustafa Akıncı has said. This is contrary to the impression created by the Greek Cypriot side that a new process has begun, he noted.

Akıncı said that Lute was not appointed as a replacement for the former UN Secretary-General’s Special Advisor Espen Barth Eide.

She is merely a temporary envoy who will meet with both sides in order to probe for the potential of the resumption of the talks”, the President said.

He said that Lute was expected to prepare a report for the UN Secretary-General. The President also said that a meeting with the UN Envoy will most probably take place in the week beginning 23 July.

We have stated that we are ready to meet with her if she wishes to come in July.”

President Akıncı added that the Turkish Cypriot side had no desire to be part of a new round of never-ending and open-ended talks.

North-Cyprus-News-Akinci-AnastasiadesWe have no desire or intention of becoming part of an endless round of talks. I have explained this time and time again and would like to do so one more time. We support the idea of ​​achieving the final results from any process that we will take part in. I will continue to maintain my position and insistence on result-orientated talks that will be held within a time-frame and on a basis of an understanding of a strategic package.

The underlying need for the Greek Cypriot side is to accept and embrace the concept of political equality. Any settlement be reached on the island, will not be made on the basis of a unitary state in which a majority will impose its will on a minority.

The agreement was to create at a federal settlement on the basis of the political equality of both sides.

Akıncı also reiterated that the security on one side should be the security of the other.

He pointed out that the concept of ‘zero troops and zero guarantees’ did not address the Turkish Cypriots’ security needs.

This position or view does not reassure the Turkish Cypriots. It is time to deal with these issues on a realistic basis. We need to be reasonable and realistic”, said Akıncı.

The President further said that he will be explaining to the UN Envoy, how the Turkish Cypriot side thinks and added that a new brief process with the participation of the guarantor countries could be, if a similar willingness emerged on the Greek Cypriot side.

I do not want to raise anyone’s hopes right now but I do not want to draw a grim picture and say that nothing will happen”, he said.


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