New Visa Regulations Coming into Force

New visa and residence regulations for the TRNC will come into force on October, 23, Minister of the Interior, Ayşegül Baybars has said.

She noted that it was the first time in 67 years that the government had introduced new by-laws to control the population and plan for the future for health and education in the country.

The new system will require tourists and other visitors to register their information and state the purpose of their visit at immigration.

What we really want to do is come up with a system where tourists will enter their new addresses and phone numbers to be registered with the tourist visa upon arrival and will be classified according to the purposes of their stay, that is, accommodation at the hotel or any nearby accommodation.

North Cyprus News - Passport Control - ErcanThere are 18 different categories just like the rest of the world. Categories included will be entering the country for study, teaching, internship, work and so on.”

Regarding residency, the minister said that visitors will no longer be allowed to stay more than 90 days and will be required to get a residence permit before the 90 days expires or they must leave the country.

Baybars said she was hoping that by November, it would be possible to apply for residence permits online.

She added that leaflets would be available at entrance and exit points in the country.


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