New waste water treatment plant in operation

There have been a number of recent successes in the treatment of waste water and sewage in the TRNC.

The new unit at the Haspolat waste water plant is up and running finally and produces high quality water output. This unit does not rely on chemical or mechanical means to purify the water but instead uses a bio-mass system.*

There are two similar projects planned to start this year with completion in 3-5 years at Catalkoy and Camlibel

Head of the Environmental Protection Agency, Esref Unlusoyer, says that there are plans for similar ‘natural’ water treatment plants at Aslankoy, Akdogan and Gecitkale. If the budget permits, there will also be plants set up in Lefke and the Karpaz.

The aim is to reduce by 90% the waste water that is currently off loaded into fields and may eventually contaminate underground water supplies.

According to Mr Unlosoyer, these modern plants have many advantages. They don’t use electricity or chemicals and they don’t smell. In addition they can produce purified water equally as well as more traditional water treatment plants.

The new unit at Haspolat will take over in full from the old plant and this should eliminate the occasional bad smells that used to plague Nicosia.

*Bio-mass system adds micro-organisms to help the existing microbial community in waste water. It is said to be a very effective way to improve waste water treatment with low startup costs.

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