Newspaper publishes list of former Greek Cypriot owned hotels in TRNC

A list of hotels in the TRNC formerly owned by Greek Cypriots has been published by Greek Cypriot daily ‘Kathimerini’.

The list was published after a number of tourists who landed at Larnaca airport last week, were refused permission to enter the country after they stated that they would be staying in the north. A group of Israeli tourists complained to the Israeli Embassy in Nicosia and eventually, they were permitted to enter the country and cross to the north. The remainder of the tourists were forced to return home.

The debacle began when an old directive issued by the Greek Cypriot Migration Authorities, which stated that third country visitors to Cyprus were not permitted entry if they intended to stay at TRNC hotels formerly owned by Greek Cypriots was reactivated. No one had been informed of the revival of this old directive.

After the furore created by this latest move by the Greek Cypriots, it was temporarily suspended for two weeks for reconsideration.

To read the list, click here.

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