NGOs Call for Ban on Mosquito Spraying

The continuing practice of spraying to combat mosquito populations by many municipalities is a danger to public health, the Turkish Cypriot Medical Association and the Biologists’ Association have said.

Blanket spraying is not only a danger to human health but also destroys beneficial insects such as bees and butterflies. NGOs point out that spraying to kill mosquitoes has been banned for the past fifty years in developed countries.

Young children and the elderly are at particular risk from exposure to the carcinogenic chemicals sprayed into the atmosphere, they say.

North Cyprus News - Mosquito (1)Spraying is polluting and not a particularly successful method as only around 20% of mosquitoes will be killed. Far better, the organisations say, is to find the locations where mosquitoes breed such as ponds, streams and wells and then destroy the larvae.

Environmental officer Teksen Köroğlu said that they expect the Ministry of Health to take immediate action and outlaw the practice of spraying and to sanction municipalities that continue to do so.


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