Nicosia Burglar Finally Caught

One of the TRNC’s most prolific burglars, Mehmet Ali Ciplak, was finally arrested by police in Nicosia yesterday morning.

Ciplak has been responsible for dozens of burglaries in Nicosia, stealing a large number of mobile phones, electronic equipment and money. Police have searched his home and recovered many of the stolen items as well as a mask and gloves used in the burglaries.

There is a long list of burglaries committed recently including:  Sarpcom Computer shop, 25 mobile phones and 3 cameras on 17th January 2013 and  Ozturk Off Licence, a bottle of whiskey, TL 220 cash and cigarettes on 10th February.

Ciplak was caught red handed yesterday at around 5am in the morning while stealing goods from Electro Freezer Company in Kaymakli region. However, he was spotted by a security guard working in a building across the road. The security guard called the police and then attempted to apprehend him on his own. The guard was beaten around the head with an iron bar and Ciplak escaped, only to be caught in the nearby alleyway by arriving police.

Ciplak was in Lefkosa Court yesterday where he was ordered to be detained for two days while police conduct their inquiries.

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