Nicosia Council Cheque for TL1 million bounces

To add to the long running Nicosia Council saga, a cheque written by the council for TL 1 million has bounced.

A cheque issued to ASIN Construction received in January 2012 for work done, bounced. The council will now be prohibited from writing cheques starting tomorrow.

Savas Bozat head of the council workers union BES, confirmed the facts today and said that going to court will cause the council many problems as it pays for many services by cheque. Bozat said that he had met with lawyers earlier today and learnt from them that not only the signatories of the cheque but the council as a whole will be prohibited from making transactions by cheque.

The two signatories on the cheque were the recently resigned mayor, Cemal Bulutoglulari and Treasury Chief, Eroy Beyit.

Bozat will be meeting with the acting head of the council (pending elections), Celal Cin tomorrow to see if there is a way out of their dilemma. He pointed out that as one problem is solved, another one arises.

He went on to say that services for the people of Nicosia were getting back to normal on all fronts and that as their confidence returned, they had started paying rates again.

ASIN Construction was in the process of suing the council because it had already received four bounced cheques for work it had done for the council last year.

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