Nicosia Council: Critical meeting today

Every day a new drama unfolds around the council strike.

Today’s event is a critical meeting to be held this afternoon between what remains of the council management and the deputy Prime Minister, Ozel Kadioglu. The objective of this meeting is to enable the transfer of the promised TL 6 million from the government to the council so that back wages can be paid to the strikers.

The leader of BES  the strikers’ union, Savas Bozat says that he is waiting to hear how and when his members will get paid. He has also called for a change in the law so that the whole of Nicosia Council management can be sacked and new elections held within 60 days. Under current law, elections cannot be held until June.

Mr Bozat also revealed that the highly anticipated call from the Interior Minister Cavusoglu never materialised.

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