Nicosia Council head moves fast

Further to reports of the huge rubbish problem in Nicosia and the latest attempts to clear it
up, Nicosia Council head, Dana, has reacted to adverse press reports and said that the site had only been
a temporary storage point. Nevertheless he has said that the site would be closed from today and
that no further rubbish would be dumped there. Instead he has ordered that refuse be taken directly
to existing landfill sites at Gungor.

Dana stressed that significant progress had been made in the rubbish removal efforts and again
thanked muhtars for participating. He said that it was a shame that the press was not reporting on
this but instead chose to criticise the temporary site. He went on to say that it was a question of
economics as only small trucks could navigate the narrow Nicosia streets but that it reduced costs if
their rubbish collections were made together and then taken to Gungor using larger vehicles.

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