Nicosia Council – Mass resignations

There are early reports this morning of a significant development in the long running saga involving Nicosia Council worker strikes.

We reported yesterday that after an emergency meeting on this issue the Government had come
out with a tough line against both Nicosia Council workers and management. It set tough
deadlines for resolving the rubbish problem in the capital and threatened both sides with legal action.

Today, as a reaction to this stance, all the junior members of Nicosia Council have resigned. Councillors belonging to the Democratic Party, the Republican Turkish Party (CTP) and Communal Democracy Party (TDP) have all gone, leaving only the ruling party’s UBP councillors behind.

CTP is the second largest party and its leader Yorgancioglu has said that they will no longer be
associated with the farce in Nicosia. Instead they will join demonstrations on Monday demanding
the resignation of the Nicosia Mayor, Bulutoglulari.

We understand that resignations have to go through a formal process including permission by
parliament to do so. However this concerted action sends a clear message to the Government.

President Eroglu has had some bitter disputes with the UBP recently. Yesterday, he too entered the fray and said that the Government had major questions to answer in allowing matters to reach this crisis stage.

BES, the main Nicosia Municipal Workers Union has released a statement saying that it will not comply with the Government demands and will continue with its protests.

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