Nicosia Council War ready to erupt again

The council workers union (BES) has given the government 48 hours to pay them their two salaries (includes 13th month).

In addition, BES has demanded that all its other conditions need to be met by Monday 31st December or else they will stop collecting rubbish, burial work and in addition, will cut off water supplies to the capital.

The union leader, Savas Bozat, said that none of the promises made by the Prime minister Irsen Kucuk, Finance Minister Ersin Tatar or the Nicosia Mayor Cemal Bulutoglulari, had materialised and that that his members were in dire straits.

Mr Bozat said that as soon as all issues had been settled, the Mayor should resign. He added that the Mayor was not up to the job and that the employees would take over the running of the council. He also called on the police and other unions for support, pointing out that the police social security fund had also not been paid up.

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