Nicosia Council Workers’ Dispute Will Return

The Chamber of Commerce said yesterday that the latest agreement signed by the council and its workers, did not address the core issues and was only a superficial solution.

It feels that the rights of the council workers have not been protected, nor that the council’s assets been used in an efficient way.

Instead the signing of the protocol has raised many core issues.

a)      Many sectors in the TRNC will now feel they can apply to the Greek Cypriot government for solutions.

b)      It appears that the TRNC government has sanctioned public employees going on strike, while still receiving salaries.

c)       It appears that the law on strikes can be ignored with no consequences. The Council of Ministers invoked this law but it was  ignored by BES, the council workers’ union.

Given this, the Chamber feels that rather than solving anything, the protocol has in fact produced a host of problems that will affect the whole country for years to come.

The Chamber of Commerce lays the fault for the crisis squarely on the Nicosia Council management, it says that:

a)      Elected officials were allowed to exceed budgets in the hope of buying votes.

b)      The government allowed the council to take on large borrowings.

c)       The Audit office and Prosecutor’s office did not exert any financial control on the council or follow legal procedures.

Finally, the Chamber has offered its services for a lasting solution to be reached before the 29th January deadline.

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