Nicosia Council Workers Get Paid

931 council workers got paid yesterday, 110 days after their last salary payment.

They received back pay for October and November and were promised their December salaries within 15 days. There were scenes of goodnatured jostling yesterday as all of the employees were attempting to get paid at the Near East bank office; although they had been allocated numbers, most were queuing in the Cypriot way.

Ustafa Yalinkaya from the union management met the press to explain that while the full three months salary had been released by the government, the various banks involved needed a little time to process the different amounts for each individual. He added that all the banks involved had taken the decision not to deduct any debts from the council workers’ salary payments; thus reflecting widespread sympathy for the workers. However this would be a one-off gesture.

Mr Yakinkaya also announced that the Ministry of the Interior had allocated an extra TL 160 thousand so that the entire council vehicle fleet could be brought up to operating level. Most of these vehicles need some money spent on them due to there being no fuel in the tanks and insurance running out. Some maintenance and repairs were also needed.

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