Nicosia Council workers now scattering rubbish

The dispute between the Nicosia council and workers has been dragging on for weeks now.

Striking workers have so far besieged the municipal head office, protesting and burning fires. This morning they turned on Kemal Dana, the District Governor who has been active in getting rid of the rubbish mountains that were cluttering Nicosia streets and open spaces. They marched on his office and shouted slogans. As a final gesture they scattered rubbish in the streets outside and toppled rubbish bins to make the streets impassable.

They are now marching towards Parliament, again strewing rubbish (new tactic) on the streets. It is noted that so far there has been no police interference with their activities.

Separately, the Nicosia Muhtars  Association (headmen) who have been involved in removing rubbish from Nicosia streets, were in action again yesterday. They have started a new campaign to clean the rubbish littering Nicosia parks and were cleaning up Caglayan Park, near the city walls. Their leader said that all the parks were targeted to be cleaned up.

Dana was there to congratulate the muhtars on their efforts. He also said that local residents were turning out to reclaim their city. He hoped that other organisations would follow the muhtars and promised that he would be there to encourage them.

Both the Muhtars and the District Governor agreed that it was unfair for municipal workers to have salaries and social security contributions withheld.  However they felt that strikes were not the way to reach a solution.

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