Nicosia Council workers to be paid – at last

The TL 6 million required for back salary payments for Nicosia council employees was handed over by the Finance Ministry today.

The head of the BES, the council workers’ union, Savas Bozat said that his members would be back at work and productive from tomorrow morning.

Once the deputy head of Nicosia Council, Ozel Kadioglu had formally requested the money, the TL 6 million was transferred to the council bank account at the Near East Bank.

During the handing over ceremony, Finance Minister Ersin Tatar said that Nicosia Council’s problems had been viewed around the world, thanks to the internet. He hoped that this day would be a new start for Nicosia Council and that its issues would be soon resolved.

Mr Tatar said that the loan offered by Ziraat Bank must be taken up as soon as possible. This would significantly reduce the council’s loan interest bill.

He continued by saying that including this latest TL 6 million transfer, the government had made transfers of TL12 million to the council. In addition, the government had paid TL 3 million for rubbish collection in the capital. He felt that from now on, it was up to the parties concerned to decide how to increase revenues and keep Nicosia Council afloat. The union members must now help solve any deficiencies as the government had done all it could and residents expected to be rid of these problems.

In response, union head, Savas Bozat, said that his members were only seeking their legal rights. He pointed out that salaries had not been paid properly for a long time and that there were still issues around social security payments. He pinned most of the blame for these problems on the ex-mayor Bulutoglulari saying that he ought to be arrested.

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