Nicosia Council Workers Union speaks out

In a press statement published today, the union says that it feels that it has won the battle against selfish politicians that were only there to fill their own pockets.

The union statement then makes a number of major points:

  1. The previous council administration obtained a number of loans illegally. These have been audited and been reported to the chief prosecutor. Nicosia council should not be punished for these debts.
  2. Corrupt civil servants which have been reported to the court should be charged legally.
  3. Members of the previous administration who were serving other masters and not the citizens of Nicosia should be sacked.
  4. Those people on the payroll who have not been in to work for years should be sacked immediately.
  5. Workers who sign in for work in the morning but disappear to another job during the day should be questioned.
  6. Temporary workers who have been on the payroll for 7 years should be made permanent.
  7. The collective bargaining agreement proposed in November 2012 should be signed immediately. This contract allows for no increase in wages for 2013 and has already been approved by the union.

The union feels that if these measures are implemented, then revenues will increase and costs go down.

Only after seeing what the effects of these measures have on finances should the proposed loan from Ziraat bank be considered.

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