Nicosia councillors must resign says Chamber of Commerce

Trade Union parties have, understandably, given full support to BES, the Nicosia Council Workers’ union. However, there was a surprising turn of events yesterday.

The Chamber of Commerce representing businessmen and private companies gave a press statement yesterday, calling on the Nicosia Mayor and all remaining members of Nicosia Council management to resign.

The statement explained that no solution had been found after so many months of strife. Instead the problems had got worse and the conflict even more serious. The only way that the population would have confidence that a solution would be found, was if the current Nicosia Council management resigned en masse. The Chamber felt that Nicosia employers, employees and the majority of the population had lost confidence in the current management.

Nevertheless, the Chamber felt that the Council management would not resign voluntarily and called on parliament to do its duty and remove them, even if this meant amending the constitution to allow them to do so.

The most important steps were to hold early elections for new Nicosia Councillors, it stated.

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