Nicosia hospital strike ends

Kamu-Sen leader Mehmet Ozkardaş has stated that the strike at the Dr Burhan Nalbantoğlu Hospital in Nicosia has ended, ‘Kibris Postasi’ reports. His statement is as follows:

“We carried out a warning strike for four days so that the insufficient Radiography [staff] problem in the Radiology department could be solved. The request for permission that was asked for from the finance department by the Health ministry for three vacant positions for Radiography staff to be filled, has finally been submitted to the Public Service Commission.

According to the information given by the Public Service Commission, the processes have been started to fill the three emergency Radiographer staff vacancies. In light of the latest developments, we have ended the indefinite strike we started on the 11th August 2014 at the Nicosia Dr Burhan Nalbantoğlu public hospital.

We thank all our friends who have taken part in the strike, the health workers who have supported us and our people who although have been victimized in this strike yet have viewed the situation with sympathy. It is because of them that we have been able to undertake this rightful struggle and gain a positive result by staying confident”

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