Nicosia Mayor Harmanci For Next President?

North Cyprus News - Mayor of North Nicosia Mehmet Harmanci
Mayor of North Nicosia – Mehmet Harmancı]

Mehmet Harmancı*, in his second term as Mayor of  North Nicosia, was asked if he was considering running in the 2025 Presidential election, Kibris Postasi reports. 

Citing an interview with Greek Cypriot daily ‘Haravgi’, Kibris Postasi reported that Harmancı replied that it was still too early to make that decision, and emphasised that the crucial aspect was not who Tatar’s opponent would be, but what the candidate’s political attitude would be in order to overcome the deadlock [regarding the Cyprus problem].

Harmancı suggested that this time, the progressive and left-wing parties should inspire hope. He said that the general political messages are outdated, and the focus should be on a federated solution with political equality for two regions and two communities. He insisted that providing answers on how to achieve a federal solution is essential to generate movement within society. 

Before deciding on potential candidates, the practical perspective of contributing to this solution must be considered. Harmancı expressed his willingness to enter the campaign with a progressive group if they can offer hope, despite past instances showing limited cooperation among forces advocating for the federation.

He pointed out that this is an era where generations no longer tolerate images of barricades, highlighting Nicosia as the only city where both sides can breathe the same air just minutes apart. Harmancı noted the divided nature of the city since 2004, with one half being an EU member and the other not belonging to anything, leading to development efforts on one side while the other pleaded for funding.

Harmancı also shared his view that Nicosia’s northeastern suburb of Kaymaklı could potentially be an area with a new border crossing point easily accessible by both sides for vehicle passages.

*Mehmet Harmancı, (born 1977) is the current mayor of the Nicosia Turkish Municipality, the local government of the Turkish Cypriot capital North Nicosia. He was born in Nicosia.

He studied international relations in the Eastern Mediterranean University and completed his master’s degree on the EU at John Moores University in Liverpool. He began his political life in the youth wing of the Communal Liberation Party and after its merger with the BDH, continued in the Communal Democracy Party, a centre-left party. He worked as a director in a tourism agency between 2005 and 2008. From June till September 2013, he served as the Minister of Tourism, Environment and Culture in a transition cabinet headed by Sibel Siber. In the local elections of 2014, he got 38.6% of the votes and was elected the mayor of North Nicosia. [Wiki]

Kibris Postasi

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