Nicosia quarantine considered

The Mayor of Nicosia Cemal Bulutoglulari and Council leader Kemal Dana appeared on Genc TV last night, having been invited to resign this week by the Nicosia Municipal Workers Union – both said that they would be declining this invitation.

Dana, who has been touring Nicosia over Bayram and spearheading efforts to remove the mounting piles of refuse in the city, has said that the situation is getting increasingly more serious. If it continues he envisages that imposing a quarantine on the capital will be considered. Bulutoglulari said that the Government was acting too slowly and was too preoccupied with the current internal strife in the leading UBP party.

The head of the Democratic Party, Serdar Denktash, rushed to the Genc TV studios and, uninvited, took part in the programme. He said that the citizens were being made fools of.

We reported earlier that the root cause of the problem is that Nicosia municipality is running out of funds and this has resulted in delayed salaries for employees and reduced maintenance of public facilities. They are not the only ones with financial concerns. The majority of municipalities in North Cyprus are struggling to different degrees with financial issues.

However, these problems also extend across the border to South Cyprus where major municipalities are in deep trouble. Republic of Cyprus Finance Minister, Vassos Shiarly, recently announced that in December public sector workers may not be paid. Financial stability will be contingent on Cyprus receiving a substantial bailout payment from the EU by mid November.

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