Nineteen Road Deaths Since Start Of 2021

North Cyprus News - Motorcyclist Killed on Tatlisu Kyrenia main roadSince the start of 2021, there have been 19 deaths from road traffic accidents, six of which occurred in the last month, Yeniduzen reported.

Vice President of the Association for the Prevention of Traffic Accidents, Hüseyin Sevay, argued that whatever the cause of the accidents, when looking at the bigger picture, the ‘broken system’ is responsible. The system does not protect citizens, he said, adding that, “there will not be a decrease in deaths unless the right measures are taken“.

In the last nine months, the age range of people killed in traffic accidents was between 5 to 82 year years, seven were people under the age of 30. The average age of those who have died in traffic accidents is 44.7

Fatalities in the last 10 years have reached 344 and there have been 19 deaths in the last nine months.

The main causes of deaths on the road are drunk driving, speeding, careless driving and roads with little or no lighting. A problem about which many people have complained.

Referring to the overarching problems, Vice President of the Association for the Prevention of Traffic Accidents, Hüseyin Sevay said that there has been no  traffic safety system protecting the public for years. He said that the authorities, irrespective of who was in government, had shown little enthusiasm to install updated traffic safety systems.

The system and different institutions within the system are responsible for the deaths in traffic”, he said. Sevay pointed out that this system has many components, from the police to the highway department, from the private company that built the roads to government officials. “When we look at the whole thing, if many people die from alcohol and speeding in a country, it is the system that cannot prevent it”. 

 “We are entering our 11th year as an association and we have taken many different projects to the authorities to establish proper safety systems, but each time they have refused. I’m not just saying this of the current government, all governments in the past have rejected the projects we brought and ignored the problems in traffic. We struggle, we offer solutions, but we cannot implement them because we do not have the power to enforce them, and no one puts them into action. Existing systems do not protect citizens and do not prevent death and serious injury”, Sevay said.

There are approximately the same number of fatalities on the road every year, Sevay said. And there will be no significant decrease in those numbers until the authorities take the right measures, he said. 

 “Measures that have been successful in the world should be investigated and they should be implemented in our country. Without such data analysis, any regulation will not be a solution”.


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