No agreement on security in Cyprus any time soon

Officials have dismissed the likelihood of rapid progress in the efforts for the reunification Cyprus by its Greek and Turkish Cypriot leaders.

Discussions have been held in Mont Pelerin, Switzerland between two working parties headed by Ozdil Nami for the Turkish Cypriot side and the Greek Cypriot party headed by Andreas Mavroyiannis. Their task is to lay the ground for a five-party conference between the island’s guarantors.

A source close to the Turkish Cypriot delegation said that it was “too ambitious” to think that there was a deal regarding security on the near horizon.

Last week, Athens took umbrage when Turkish President Erdogan said it should retain troops on the divided island to protect the minority Turkish Cypriot community.

However, he did mention the possibility of reverting to initial levels, as defined in the 1960 treaty, of 950 Greek and 650 Turkish troops.

We will try to … maybe offer some alternatives for the political level to consider,” the Turkish Cypriot source told Reuters on Wednesday, on condition of anonymity.

A second diplomatic source said one option under consideration was to establish four separate police forces – one for each post-settlement state, one for federal issues and a multinational force.

While the technical level talks will last for 2-3 days, the five-party conference will resume at the end of this month or the beginning of February, sources say.

Reuters, BRT

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