No Compensation for Fire Damaged State Lab

Compensation for the fire which destroyed the TRNC State Laboratories costing millions of TL, has yet to be paid by Mapfree Insurance Company.

Mapfree director Alişan Şan has said that valuation documents regarding the laboratory which were sent to the insurance company before the fire differed from those sent after the fire happened.

San said that they could not make a payment for the claim because the information they had received was incomplete and contradictory.

He also refuted accusations that his company had done nothing after the fire. “We made numerous on-site inspections immediately after this unfortunate event happened on 22 December, 2016”, he said.

Insurance assessments are based on the declared assets, Şan noted. He added that his company was well-established and respected and had been given the contract to insure the laboratories for the past eight years.

Minister for Health Filiz Besim has said that her ministry was preparing a detailed report about the fire at the state laboratory and would make a statement when it had been completed.


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