‘No confidence’ motion in UBP discussed

A major rift in the governing UBP party, has recently led to a bitter exchange of words between the two warring factions and threats of not attending parliament have been made.

Should this happen and the government failed a ‘no confidence’ motion, it would have to call early elections rather than wait for April of next year.

It has been observed this week, that Ahmet Kasif who is the leader of the dissident group in the UBP, has been meeting with the other opposition parties.

These meetings are looking into the possibility of bringing down the government with a ‘no confidence’ motion and also exploring possibilities of coalitions.

There would need to be 26 votes against the government to force early elections. The main opposition parties (CTP, DP and TDP) can put together 19 members of parliament and so would require 7 members of the dissident group of 10 to vote with them. This is definitely achievable.

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