No Decision Yet On New Year’s Eve Flights

North Cyprus News - Health Minister - Dr. Ali Pilli
(Health Minister – Dr Ali Pilli)

No decision regarding charter flights for New Year’s Eve has been made yet, Health Minister Ali Pilli stated. “This issue is on the table today and tomorrow“, he said.

Pilli, who was speaking to BRT by phone was cautious about permitting flights for New Year’s Eve, noting that the coronavirus case numbers have spiked in countries around Cyprus. Strict measures, including curfews, are on the agenda, he warned.

A new ruling was introduced last week that visitors arriving on the island and staying up to three days can only use charter flights and are not required to quarantine. The annual rush to visit North Cyprus for New Year’s Eve has posed a problem regarding managing the influx of a large number of passengers and preventing the spread of Covid-19.

Yesterday, the President of the Cyprus Turkish Medical Association Özlem Gürkut, called on the health authorities to reconsider the three-day quarantine free travel rule.


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