No end in sight for Nicosia municipal workers strike

The continuing strike of municipal workers in Nicosia shows no sign of abating as the Minister of Interior and Local Administration fails to reach an agreement with the Workers Union. A meeting with Nazım Çavuşoğlu hosted by the BES (Municipal Workers Union) proved fruitless on Wednesday, with the minister agreeing that the workers had the right to want their Social Insurance paid but that transferring of funds to the Lefkosa Turkish Belediye was out of the question.

The president of the BES, Savaş Bozat, arranged a session with the Mayor of Nicosia, Cemal Bulutoğluları, to give him the opportunity to resign. The meeting was not attended by the Mayor or the Municipal Council.

Meanwhile, public services remain severely affected with reports of some Nicosia residents protesting by hiring private contractors to clear the pavements of refuse and move the debris into roads, causing blockades in the capital.

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