No International Embargoes Exist for TRNC Ports

There are no international embargoes imposed on our ports”, says Republican Turkish Party (CTP) candidate for Kyrenia, Mustafa Erguven. The TRNC’s ports are open not only for international trade but also for passenger transportation, he told Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Kibris Postasi’. Erguven added that there are no obstacles for cruise lines under international law to use TRNC ports. The CTP candidate is also the CEO of a private international company operating in the maritime sector in the Eastern Mediterranean region.

Our ports have not been subjected to international embargoes; legal transportation is taking place in these ports. Our ports are included in international publications and are used as references in British Admiralty publications. Vessels from several countries are able to come to these ports. This is information that even high-ranking officials do not know about and this is a tragedy […]. Only the Greek Cypriot administration alleges that these ports are illegal. The Greek Cypriot side’s lobbying efforts are directed towards preventing international vessels from carrying out activities in the TRNC’s ports”, Erguven pointed out.

Elsewhere, candidate for the National Unity Party (UBP) Bulut Akacan, told Kibris Postasi, that the main goal of his party’s pre-election programme is to “integrate the TRNC with the international community”.

Referring to the embargoes, Akacan said that there is no such a thing as embargoes. “We have lobby activities and we carry out promotional activities”, he argued.

Kibris Postasi

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