No More Excuses for Derinya Border Crossing

Spokesman for the Famagusta Initiative Dr Okan Dagli, has said that work to open the Derinya border crossing point, with EU support, should have begun as soon as the decision was taken. The two Cypriot community leaders had agreed to open the crossing in May, 2015 as part of confidence building measures. However, he added the work on the crossing has been delayed on a number of different pretexts.

Everything is ready for the road in the south, but on the Turkish Cypriot side there are a lot of deficiencies in the infrastructure. There is no electricity supply, telephones, staff cabins and pavements. He also accused the Turkish Cypriot side of not having the mobility to do the work apart from saying that they will do it.

On Saturday, a demonstration, organised by both Greek and Turkish Cypriot NGOs, was held at Derinya, to demand that work on the border crossing be completed, in order that it be opened.


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