No New Initiatives on Cyprus Talks

There are currently no initiatives taken on the Cyprus problem, Prime Minister Tufan Erhürman told a press conference..

The United Nations would be sending an official to the island to discuss the situation and will then meet with the two leaders on the island, he announced.

Referring to the natural resources on the island, he said that developments were taking place.

North Cyprus News - Cyprus EEZ mapHe said that the reasons given by the Greek Cypriot side on the natural gas research efforts were not acceptable by the Turkish Cypriot side and added that the Greek Cypriot side seeing itself as the sole official in charge of this matter does not create a legitimate basis.

Turkish Cypriots status is not only beneficiaries. The Turkish Cypriots are one of the sides who have active control over the issue. To say that money is going to be placed in a fund and the Turkish Cypriot side will receive a percentage isn’t right either. The right solution would be for a committee to be established and for this committee to work together. As long as this does not take place, then the Turkish Cypriot people are unable to use their rights”, said Erhürman.


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