No one will be displaced or re-settled in a Cyprus agreement: Ozgurgun

In an interview with Radio Vatan regarding the ongoing Cyprus negotiations, Prime Minister Hüseyin Özgürgün said that with the consistent demands of the Greek Cypriot side, a rational solution is one which would not entail any resettling or displacement as a result of territorial adjustments.

Emphasising that resettling around one hundred thousand people would not constitute a solution, Prime Minister Özgürgün stated:

“The Greek Cypriot Administration wants the Karpaz Peninsula, Güzelyurt (Morphou) and does not accept the presence of the Turkish military. They do not recognise the need for Security and Guarantees and they think the EU’s guarantee is enough for both of sides, without the need for the settlement to become EU primary law. These conditions are not acceptable for the Turkish Cypriot community. This would not entail a mutually acceptable agreement, but a complete and utter Turkish Cypriot surrender.”

TRNC Public Information Office

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