No place for Turkey’s guarantees after Cyprus settlement

Turkey can have no role in security and guarantees in a Cyprus settlement, Greek Cypriot government spokesman Nicos Christodoulides said.

Referring to security and guarantees, Christodoulides said: “It is not possible, in the framework of a Cyprus solution to have a role for Turkey in Cyprus”. He went on to say that in a comprehensive settlement, Turkish soldiers cannot remain in Cyprus nor can there be unilateral guarantees on Turkey’s behalf.

Our position is clear and has been conveyed by the President of the Republic” Christodoulides said.

Although not expressed, the coup attempt in Turkey could only have served to harden the South’s attitude towards guarantees.

On Friday, the two community leaders held their first discussions on territory, security and guarantees. The last time these issues were under negotiation was in 2004. Friday’s meeting was only attended by the two leaders and their negotiators.

After a summer break, the leaders are expected to hold a further eight meetings over the coming weeks, focussing part of their discussions to these issues.

Anastasiades said on Friday, after his meeting with Akinci, that they had a creative meeting but there was a long way to go because of the outstanding differences. He also assured that they had the will to address the issues that raise concerns for both side.

Cyprus Mail

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