No private management of water supply

The management of the new water supply from Turkey should remain in the public domain, CTP-BG member of the Assembly Birikim Özgür has said, ‘Kibris Postasi’ reports.

Özgür was commenting on the proposal by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources which is looking to privatise the administration of water supplies. He said that it was natural for ministries to engage in such processes and that they were influenced by the opinions of the CTP.

The MP added that the target was sustainable water management and that they wanted to create a structure in line with EU regulations in the long run.

“For us water is life and it’s public property and should be used for public benefit”, Özgür said.

Emphasising the need to increase the quality of service and to balance income and expenditure, Özgür said that the structure of the Water Works Department should be modernised. “A model where the water is managed by the Water Works Department with the direct participation of the municipalities should be on the agenda”, he said.

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