No return of Guzelyurt: Ozgurgun

Prime Minister Huseyin Ozgurgun has said that “his party will not support a settlement in which Guzelyurt/Morphou will be given away as a territorial concession”.

He said that the UBP’s Party Assembly will be evaluating President Mustafa Akinci’s invitation extended to him and leaders of other political parties to attend the talks in Geneva.

Speaking on a TV programme, Ozgurgun said that the Greek Cypriots had received everything they have been demanding at the negotiating table and claimed: “Unfortunately they got everything they wanted, whether it was on the issue of governance and power sharing or economy. If we were to talk about the concessions they made on the economy chapter there will be nothing left of either the TRNC economy or the Turkish Cypriot people in ten years. All these issues have been concluded. These issues are only waiting to be finalised because of the agreed principle that nothing is agreed until everything is agreed”.

Pointing out that it was important to speak clearly so as to prevent confusion and misunderstanding, Ozgurgun said that the only thing the Greek Cypriots had not succeeded in achieving yet was the withdrawal of Turkish troops from Cyprus. “I know what’s going to happen at the five-party conference. They’re going to try and pressure Turkey into taking steps on the issue of guarantees, insisting that everything else is agreed on. However Turkey will not fall into such a trap”, he added.

He also stated that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s participation in the five-party conference was an indication of the importance Turkey attached to a solution in Cyprus.

On the issue of Guzelyurt, Ozgurgun said that his party’s views on the matter were open and clear.

Guzelyurt can never be given away. We will not endorse or support any settlement which envisages the return of Guzelyurt. Just the opposite, we would stand against such a decision”, he stressed.

Ozgurgun also pointed out that they never believed that Turkey would approve of a settlement that would give Guzelyurt away as a territorial concession. “Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on his visit to the TRNC in 2008 had made it openly clear that they would not give Guzelyurt. That position has not changed”, he added.

Asked to comment on the UN Special Advisor Espen Barth Eide’s views against the need for the continued presence of Turkish troops on the island, Ozgurgun said that this was a senseless statement as Mr Eide, a Norwegian diplomat, had never faced such issues in his own country.

This may not be an issue in Norway but it must be known that the presence of Turkish Armed Forces in Cyprus since 1974 has acted as a deterrent, allowing peace and calm to flourish. Mr Eide, may not know about this so maybe someone should inform him”, Ozgurgun argued.


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