No role for NATO in Cyprus guarantees

Russia fully supports the two Cypriot leaders in their attempts to find a solution to the Cyprus problem, Russian Ambassador to Cyprus Stanislav Osadchiy has said.

Osadchiy stated that Russia had assured that it will support and accept any solution approved in a referendum by the two sides in Cyprus. He also stated that any decision taken by the two communities in Cyprus must be met with respect.

He said that great progress has been made at the negotiations, adding that the good relations between the two Cypriot leaders had made a positive contribution to the talks. He also expressed the hope that both leaders will do everything possible to reach an agreement.

Asked if the current guarantees system should be continued or come to an end, the Russian Ambassador stated that this issue will be solved with the participation of the countries involved. However, he stressed that Russia will never accept a guarantees system in which NATO plays a significant role.


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