No Teachers – Strikes and protests continue

In the face of inaction by the National Education Ministry, the Cyprus Turkish Teachers Union (KTOS) has appointed 9 teachers to make up the shortfall in some schools. This is an unprecedented act and has been taken, according to the KTOS, because of the insufficient number of teaching staff allocated to schools.

The governent stated that is would be supplying 42 teachers, appointed by the Public Service Commission. However, union leaders say that that is under 50 percent of what is actually needed. The secretary-general of KTOS Sener Elcil said that they are still 34 teachers short and that 12 special needs teachers were required for a variety of schools.

Mr Mutlu Atasayan, the recently appointed Minister for National Education, Youth and Sports stated that the government would take legal action against the union which does not have the ‘capacity’ to make these appointments. Mr Elcil said that the government had not fulfilled its duties and the union had felt obliged to step in.

Mr Elcil went on to say that the problem was getting worse since schools opened a month ago and accused the minister of being so involved with the forthcoming congress that he was neglecting his duties towards schools.

Further protests have been planned by the union in Catalkoy, Alsancak, Dikmen and Haspolat primary schools.

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