There is no TRNC!

The reason for the embargoes and isolation of the Turkish Cypriots is the unilateral declaration of the TRNC on 15 November 1983. Turkish Cypriot journalist Serhat Incirli commenting on the statements made by the president of the Turkish Football Federation (TFF), Yildirim Demiroren during his visit to Cyprus points out that what he has clearly said is that “if your youth will compete under the roof or the flag of a state, this state and flag will be the state of the Republic of Cyprus and the flag of the Republic of Cyprus”.

Writing for ‘Kibris Gazetesi’, Incirli adds, inter alia, the following: “He wanted to tell us that ‘the state you have declared on 15 November 1983 is of no use’. And he wanted to tell us that ‘as long as you say that your state will live eternally, your crying ceremonies will continue’’.

Upon an initiative by late Ahmet Sami Topcan in 1972, the Turkish Cypriot football teams had been allowed to play special matches provided FIFA gave its permission. This permission expired on 15 November 1983. The reason for the embargoes and the isolations is 15 November 1983. Do not get angry with anyone. Do not swear at anyone. Sit where you are and think again.

One: There is nothing called TRNC and the chance for doing sports as TRNC is zero.

Two: Will you go over to Turkey like the YDU women’s basketball team, the Besparmak handball team? Are you figuring that all our athletes will try their luck as ‘Turkish citizens’? I do not know, but there is no ‘TRNC flag’! There is no ‘TRNC state’. You should forget these.

Three: Turkey will immediately, officially, legally and de facto annex these Cyprus’ lands, which it ‘controls’ (I am being very polite here). It will declare that it has annexed them. Then you will establish one or may be two teams and you may start from scratch in Turkey’s leagues.

In 1972 they allowed you to play special matches with FIFA’s permission. You have declared a state in order to increase the ‘right of Rauf Denktas to be elected as president, which was limited in the KTFD’s [ Turkish Cypriot Federate State] constitution. You messed up. Potatoes, oranges [trade] have gone bankrupt for this reason. Their sales abroad stopped. For this reason the football permits have been annulled.”

Source Kibris Gazetesi

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