No Turkish guarantees – no deal: Ozgurgun

Huseyin Ozgurgun, leader of the National Unity Party (UBP), has alleged that President Mustafa Akinci had told him that he had differences with President Anastasiades on the Cyprus problem.

Addressing a party meeting in Goneyli, Ozgurgun claimed that a solution to the Cyprus problem could not be reached even in another 50 years, because “the Greek Cypriots having this mentality, do not intend to make an agreement”, he alleged:

“What am I basing this on? I am informed about all developments both as party chairman and as former minister of foreign affairs. Whoever the president is, not only has the Greek Cypriot side no intention of making an agreement, but no leader of the Turkish Cypriot side can sign an agreement with the Greek Cypriots who have such an attitude.

A TRNC president who signs and accept these conditions will only become submissive and will hand a gift to the Greek Cypriot side. During the latest meeting at the president’s office, Mr Akinci also said that they could not do that. ‘I cannot agree with Anastasiades’, he said”.

Claiming that information coming from the Greek Cypriot side is different, he said:

“The Turkish army will be withdrawn, they say. During a telephone conversation I had with Mr Akinci, he told me that the withdrawal of the Turkish army from the island is not possible. The Turkish Cypriots will never accept this. Therefore the Greek Cypriots lie, he said. And I asked him to make this statement. ‘You make it’, he said to me. Therefore, we can be at ease on this issue. No Turkish president can sign an agreement which does not include Turkey’s active and effective guarantees. Firstly, we will not allow it. However, President Akinci also told me that he would not sign it”.


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