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The number of Syrian refugees smuggled into North Cyprus by human traffickers is increasing daily, Kibris Postais reported. Many of the refugees are coming from refugee camps in Turkey in a bid to find better living conditions and to find their families in South Cyprus.  

These vulnerable people have lost thousands of dollars, after being given false promises by the traffickers that they will be taken to the south.

Tens of thousands of irregular migrants have been put to sea in unseaworthy vessels from Mersin in the hope of reaching the south. Meanwhile, North Cyprus is virtually turning into a base for people trafficking between Turkey and the south, Kibris Postasi writes.

Human traffickers meet the refugees when they land in the North and take them to the borders near the South.

No Asylum Agreement With North Cyprus

If detected by the police, these refugees are arrested for illegally entering the country and eventually returned to Turkey, Legal Advisor to the Refugee Rights Programme, Lawyer Denizaltıok said. 

Nothing can be done for these people because there is no asylum mechanism in the country. Since there is no Refugee and Asylum Law, people who have escaped from desperate conditions fall prey to human traffickers only to experience worse.

Kibris Postasi

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