North could become a haven for criminals

During the opening ceremony of the TRNC judicial year, on Monday, emphasis was put on corruption, lack of supervision, the increase of crime, the incompetence of graduates with a bachelor’s degree in legal studies and secularism.

Narin Ferdi Sefik, President of the High Court, said in her address that 144 convicted criminals had been extradited to Turkey during the period 2007-2017 and that some of them should have have served their sentence in the TRNC, but no such provision exists in the agreement on legal issues between Turkey and the TRNC.

Sefik noted also that the fate of these convicts is not known after they are extradited to Turkey, that this evident interference in the judiciary and that it should be ensured that they serve their sentence after they are extradited to Turkey. “Otherwise the TRNC will become a paradise for criminals”, she added.

In his speech, Attorney-General Askan Ilgen, said that 28,122 penal proceedings and lawsuits regarding traffic offences were launched in one year and that the number of sexual offences had increased. He also expressed the view that the penalty for causing a lethal traffic accident should be increased.


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