North Cyprus Attends MITT 2018 Tourism Fair

The North Cyprus brand was represented at MITT 2018, the Moscow Travel and Tourism Fair.

Culture, health, eco and other alternative tourism varieties were introduced to the visitors who visited the booth which is equipped with rich visuals, as did as the tourism ministry and sector authorities.

The tourism ministry is hoping to tempt tourists from more countries to visit and to negotiate with international tour operators for the development of mutual cooperation possibilities.

The fair is among the top five world tourism fairs and drew around 30,000 visitors, a statement by the Ministry of Tourism said.

Tourism and Environment Minister Fikri Ataoglu said, “North Cyprus has signed up to an important success story in tourism in the last eighteen months and is looking at the future with confidence”.

Ataoglu said that the world tourism market has changed day by day in parallel with global, regional and local developments. There are many different elements, from technological innovations to political disagreements to economic factors that determine travel trends, the minister said. He noted that North Cyprus is proceeding on its way to becoming an accepted destination.

At the end of 2017, Ataoğlu stated that the tourism sector and the economy, the number of tourists coming to the island, the total number of passengers, the nights and the occupancy rates were at their peak. Advertising and marketing activities have had a direct effect on these figures.

With this awareness we will continue promotional and marketing activities in tour operators and in various venues for 2019,” said Minister Ataoglu. “Our country, which offers alternative vacation opportunities to its visitors with many types of tourism, has a capacity of approximately 22 thousand beds, high standard facilities as well as small to medium- also serves with alternative tourism varieties,” he said.

Kibris News Agency

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